Partner, Italy - New York City - Chicago - Boston
Partner, Italy - New York City - Chicago - Boston

L'esperienza pluriennale acquisita nell' organizzazione aziendale, ed il collocamento sui mercati esteri, (USA), ci rende un punto di riferimento professionale ed attendibile.


Mr. Lorenzo Zurino

Founder & CEO



Summary Of Qualifications


  •              Flexible and highly adaptable to new projects and systems.
  •                5+ years of experience in Export  & Business Development AREA
  •             5+ years of experience in Marketing and Sales division organization of  Conference and Events
  •               Excellent leadership skills with a comprehensive people management background
  •            Excellent communication, customer relationship and people management skills
  •             Positive attitude, keen learner, flexible, emotionally strong, focused, and adaptable to challenging and emergency situations
  •         Able to work diplomatically and harmoniously with peers and all levels of management
  •   Familiar with a variety of industries, practices and procedures



Areas Of Expertise


·         Strategy Definition

·         Set Marketing Strategy, Identifying Targetsof the same Development

·         Export Develompment

·         Increase Business Development

·         Coordination and Direction of - Export Area of Sales       

·         Human Relations - Organizational Development, employee relations

·         Process Definition for delivering Services

·         Performance management

·         MICE – PCO